Toxins In The News 1/28/09

TOXINS!!!  They are the plague of my existence.

Bisphenol-A – The estrogen-like chemical in your toddler’s sippy cup and also lining cans of infant formula probably lingers in your body longer than originally thought.

Or does it?  A weak preliminary study by University of Rochester researcher Richard Stahlhut showed that participants who fasted did not completely eliminate BPA from their bodies.  He also showed the world how to conduct a poor study because he did not control for BPA content in the beverages (such as diet soda or tap water).  What was the point of this study again?

Hint:  if you are worried about BPA, and I don’t blame you if you are, BPA-Free bottles and sippy cups are nearly ubiquitous these days… even among the common brands.

Thimerosal – The bad boy toxin of the antivaccine militia, thimerosal has been slandered up and down the blogosphere.  And, why shouldn’t it?  Who wants their baby to be injected with vaccines that contain mercury?  Except, the microquantities of ethylmercury (not methylmercury) are not damaging, and have never been proven to be harmful.  Speaking of proof, a new study in the journal Pediatrics looked at a sample of individuals who had participated in previous research on the pertussis vaccine.  The individuals from the previous study were recently tested for neurological damage, and beyond some expected statistical noise, there was no evidence that thimerosal harmed them.

Hint:  If you are worried about thimerosal, even though you shouldn’t be worried, just know that it’s been removed from childhood vaccines for several year now.  You can request a thimerosal-free flu vaccine from any pediatrician, and your request should be honored.

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