From the Parents of Preschoolers

Many parents of pre-schoolers have contacted me and said something like, “boy, I like the whole kids group / Skeptikids idea, and I would love to start a group here, but my kids are too young.  What would you do?”

Here’s what most of you tell me you are already doing.  I think it bears repeating here, I’ll sprinkle in a few of mine too:

  • Read to them often, get them to read to you often.  Put a reading list of books you want to get on the refrigerator and keep it updated.
  • Get a library card and go once a week.  Teach your preschooler how to find books that interest them by looking them up or asking a librarian.
  • Go to museums, local art and science displays, state parks and environmental centers, etc.
  • Limit “screen time” and encourage more “abstract time” – by that I mean legos, reading, clay, drawing, etc.
  • Teach them how to “cook” appropriately for their age.
  • Give them the opportunities to solve problems:  let them help plan the grocery list, pack a small bag for the car ride to Gramma’s house… based on their age and understanding, let them sort out solutions.
  • Buy as big a white board you can and put it at kid level.  It will be used for everything!

These are some of the better ideas some of you have brought up.  Above all else, be present.  Be available.


3 Responses to From the Parents of Preschoolers

  1. jlewicky says:

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  2. I would also add that you should play lots with your kids. Lego building develops spatial abilities. Pretend play with toy food, doctor kits, dolls, develops creativity. Add board games which develop letter recognition and math skills.

    Renee, author of

  3. catgirl says:

    The white board is a great idea, but you shouldn’t limit it to hanging on a wall. When I was a kid, my best friend had a few of them that we would put on the floor. We used them to draw a barn for plastic animals, a house for dolls, and even roads and a town for our Polly Pocket houses (way back when they were pocket-sized).

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