Nature Center/Planetarium Review by 10yr old Kayla B.

Where Every Day is Earth Day!

"Where Every Day is Earth Day!"

Jason B was slotted to review a recent museum or education center that we have visited.  To put a little spin on things, he decided to give his 10 year old daughter Kayla the assignment instead.

We visited the Calusa Nature Center and Planetarium in Fort Myers, FL last weekend:.  Kayla interviewed her brothers and her Mom, and then interviewed herself.

Without further adieu:

Hi!  I’m Kayla B.  Recently my family and I went to a great nature center and planetarium.  We have gone to a lot of nature centers and environmental centers before, but we have never been to a planetarium, and also we saw some new wildlife that we have never seen before!

Bob the Bobcat!

Bob the Bobcat!

I liked the planetarium because it was cool to see all the stars, but the animals were the best.  We were there in time to see the mammals get fed, and we also went through a creepy “insectarium!”  We saw alligators – nothing new about that in SW Florida – but these were really BIG!  Also, we went through a screened in butterfly garden and they come right up on you!  We saw foxes, raccoons, wild boar, opossums, and a bobcat get fed, and we got to pet a lot of them.

In the planetarium, you can’t leave once the show starts because you will let in light and ruin the show for everyone.  So make sure you go to the bathroom BEFORE you sit down for the show.

Butterfly Aviary

Butterfly Aviary

My dad was exited that the voice during the show was someone named Janeway from Star Trek.  We learned about the solar system, and we had to look up to see the show.  It was pretty cool.

My Dad bought a membership there so we can go back again all we want this year.  Here is my interview from of my little brothers and my mom:

What was your favorite part?

Kayla: My favorite part had to be when they fed the mammals. The wild boar was the best because it’s a wild animal and I got to pet it.

Joey: My favorite part was seeing the alligators, they were huge!

Anthony: My favorite part was the star show in the planetarium.

Mommy: My favorite part was feeding the mammals, I like the bobcat the best because they are all around us but very good at hiding away.

What was one new thing you learned?

Kayla: I learned that boars can chew through a small tree in a matter of minutes with their razor sharp teeth.

Joey: I learned that the pigs were not rare and they are all over Florida.

Anthony : I learned that if the wild boar brushes your leg with his tusk, he’ll cut you bad.

Mommy: I learned that in captivity, bobcats and opossums can live twice as long as in the wild.

Would you reccommend this center to a friend?

Kayla: Yes, but only the nature part with the animals.

Joey: Yes, I would tell them to see everything.

Anthony: Yes, I would tell him to go see the planetarium.

Mommy: Yes, the nature center and the planetarium were both worth seeing.

Would I go back?

Kayla: Yes, especially for the animals!

Joey: Yes, I would like to see all the animals again!

Anthony: No, I would not unless they had a star viewing outside at night.

Mommy: Yes, I’d like to see a different show at the Planetarium

Kayla and Jason B, Longboat Key FL

Kayla and Jason B, Longboat Key FL

(Kayla B is currently a 5th grade student, a member of her schools Intermediate Chess Club, Mini-Model UN, and Astronomy Club.  She enjoys softball, football and playing with friends.  Last year, Kayla was one of the few 4th grade students to place in the regional science fair.  In the future, Kayla plans to get a degree in education and teach 3rd Grade.)

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  1. larry says:

    Nice review. Love the perspective!

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