Indianapolis Children’s Museum: Review

This is a guest post from Cincinnati Dad, Trent Kotch…

We spent the day at the Indianapolis Children’s Museum and had a wonderful time. This place is 5 levels of non-stop things for kids to push, pull, touch, climb, roll, ride and splash.

Open from 10 – 5, it is possible to spend the whole day and still realize that you have not seen everything that they have to offer. Our two and a half year old ate it up and even learned a thing or two while playing non-stop for six hours.

There are so many other things to see and do that finding something slightly familiar (to our local museum in Cincinnati) seemed to be a bit of a comfort to our daughter in a sea of over-stimulation.

The Chihuly glass sculpture is amazing, and the kid’s play area for it is really cool, along with the mesmerizing billiard-ball roller coaster in the science area. The beautiful carousel costs a dollar a ride for non-members which is a bit of a bummer but we sprung for two rides and with so much else to do she did not seem to mind.

Parking is free in their garage connected by skywalk. Tickets were $14.50 for adults and $9.50 for kids 2-17 (under 2 free) and our total had 10% taken off for AAA. We spent $20 on lunch for the 3 of us and had more than we could eat (good selection) and $5 on an ice-cream treat as we needed a little more energy to see the science area at the top.

Lots of fun and something I would definitely recommend.

2 Responses to Indianapolis Children’s Museum: Review

  1. Rob T says:

    Yeah, we love the Indianapolis Children’s Museum, just 2 hours away from us down here in Louisville…

    It is a bummer that it’s not reciprocal with all the other museums, but we still try and go up once a year or so.

    When your child is a little older, if she’s anything like my kids, she’ll look forward to waiting at the giant water clock for the changing of an hour. It’s amazing that just moving water (and the anticipation of it) can captivate them (and us) so.

  2. The Nerd says:

    Native Hoosier here, born and raised! This was the best field trip I’d ever been on as a child. Anyone who gets the chance to visit should definitely go. A lot of this looks new, but I do hope they still have the doll house. There’s something about life-like miniatures that children find fascinating.

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