The Skeptic Exchange – Followup

A week and a half ago, I told you all about The Skeptic Exchange, the community-based skeptical Q&A site.  I’ve been trying to visit daily to keep up with the questions and answers, and I’ve learned a lot already.  I’ve also had the opportunity to share what I know with other skeptics.

In case you haven’t made it over there to see what you can learn, or how you can help, I thought I’d run down the questions that are on there so far (click on any of them to go straight to that question on The Skeptic Exchange):

  1. Parents, do you uphold the santa myth?
  2. Are daily multivitamins useful?
  3. cycle helmets…
  4. Arguing against personal anecdotes.
  5. Is it reasonable to be both a skeptic and a theist?
  6. Is it possible to overdose on Homeopathic medicines?
  7. Is economical skepticism possible?
  8. What is the Placebo Effect?
  9. What skeptical and/or atheist TV is out there?
  10. Can data show if H1N1 vaccine was truly effective?
  11. Is organic produce safer?
  12. What are the best sources (blogs?) for up to the moment atheist thought and news?
  13. What is the best general skeptical blog?
  14. “Masking” symptons in alternative medicine
  15. What do you think is CHI ?
  16. Taking ‘ad hominem’ too far…
  17. Do the Holmes Family Have Psychic Abilities?
  18. Hours of sleep a day ?
  19. What exactly did the ‘Climate-gate’ e-mails contain?
  20. Is man made global warming worthy of concern?
  21. Does this logical fallacy have a name?
  22. What are the best (worst) True Believer podcasts?
  23. What are the best Skeptic podcasts?
  24. Should you be scared or overjoyed by UK Nuclear power?
  25. What Is Cold-Reading?
  26. Mediums, Clairvoyants and Fortune Tellers
  27. skepticism and cold calling
  28. Is “Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation” (TeNS) Effective?
  29. What are the Moon Landing Hoax points and counterpoints?
  30. What is the most eggregious snake-oil/medical scam?
  31. Is there any evidence to support ancient astronaut theories?
  32. Are vaccinations in line with evolutionary medicine?
  33. Is “House of Numbers” an AIDS denialist film?
  34. Quick answer to Creator question
  35. Debunking the Michael Jackson Ghost Video
  36. Why are there still theists?
  37. Is Hallowe’en a satanic celebration?
  38. Good arguments for Swine flu jab
  39. Reflexology- is there ANY science involved at all?
  40. British Anti-Vaccination Celebrities
  41. UK Anti-Vaccination Body Count
  42. Special pleading Logical Fallacy
  43. Straw Man Logical Fallacy
  44. Non-Sequitur Logical Fallacy
  45. False Dichotomy Logical Fallacy
  46. False Continuum Logical Fallacy
  47. Argument from final Consequences Logical Fallacy
  48. Argument from authority Logical Fallacy
  49. Ad ignorantiam Logical Fallacy
  50. Ad hominem Logical Fallacy

Do you have some knowledge about these questions that you could share with everyone else?  Then head on over!

Are you curious about the answers to some of these questions?  Then head on over!

Got a question you’ve been dying to ask someone that’s not on the list?  Then head on over!

The more people visit and use the site, the more useful and powerful it becomes.  Though, admittedly, no one has put down an estimate yet on when it might become self-aware…

..Rob T. does not promise that this is the last time he bugs you about The Skeptic Exchange.

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