Introducing: Podcast Beyond Belief

Sorry, we haven’t had the time to post lately. All of us have been busy with a new project that we’re finally ready to reveal.

We’re proud to announce that Science-Based Parenting, in affiliation with Foundation Beyond Belief, will be producing a weekly parenting podcast for skeptics and secular humanists. Podcast Beyond Belief features the contributing writers of this blog, Laurie Tarr from Rational Moms, Heidi Anderson from She-Thought, and Elyse Anders from Skepchick.

Each episode will feature a round-table discussion of the latest parenting science news, in addition to interviews with well-known science advocates and secular humanists. We’ll also have a regular feature called “THE FAQ”, where we’ll forward on your toughest parenting questions to qualified experts and report back their up-to-date science-based answers.

Our first episode includes a discussion with Dale McGowan, the founder of our “parent” organization, Foundation Beyond Belief. You might also remember him as the editor and co-author of Parenting Beyond Belief and Raising Freethinkers. Dale spoke about secular humanism, and how those principles fit with the foundation’s ideals. We expect to have some listeners who may not understand what it means to be a secular humanist. It’ll be nice to have Dale’s explanation (and example) of humanist philosophy on our first episode to provide context for people new to the concept of freethought.

Be sure to also check out our second episode next week when we sit down with John Flansburgh from They Might Be Giants, the duo who created the new children’s album “Here Comes Science“. The interview went in unexpected directions, and before I knew it, Flans was talking about vaccines, Andrew Wakefield and 9/11 conspiracies.

If you have questions for the FAQ – please send them to We’ll pick our favorites to send to the experts for their answers.

We hope you enjoy the first episode. Not to be too apologetic, but please keep in mind that most of us have never produced anything like this before. Please give us some time to get our feet on the ground.  We’ll continue to evolve as we become more confident with the process.

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One Response to Introducing: Podcast Beyond Belief

  1. dave laser says:

    I Listen to the podcast and love it. We have a girl turning 1 year old this month. We, me and my wife, listen to every episode. We are not alone. Thank you.

    I happened to notice that you requested emails to let you know that people are listening and provide feedback. Please post the appropriate email address to the web page This would be helpful.

    Also I have not been able to find a discussion forum or email list for this podcast. Any data you have on either of these would be appreciated.

    Fan of the show,
    Dave Laser

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