Iowa First Lady on S-E-X (shhh its a dirty word) talk tour!

” If you’re not willing to talk about it [sex] in a public place, it’s like a sin of omission.”

This is the message of Iowa’s First Lady Christie Vilsack, who is also Executive director of the Iowa Initiative, an education initiative that aims to get teens talking frankly about sex and family planning.

Vilsack claims up to 50% of pregnancies in women 18-30 were unplanned, and that teen pregnancies not only affect taxpayers but parents and grandparents as well, making this a social problem. Vilsack is traveling the state to “open dialogue and make this a mainstream, main street conversation.”

It seems a no brainer that comprehensive conversations about sex, dating, relationships and family planning are required to reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies.  And yet we live in a country where the Iowa Initiative, and First Lady Vilsack’s efforts, are needed.  We need more public figures and people in government getting on board!

article here

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2 Responses to Iowa First Lady on S-E-X (shhh its a dirty word) talk tour!

  1. failmom says:

    This sounds great! It’s really refreshing to see someone who isn’t afraid to educate young people about sex. I recently saw this article about how abstinence-only sex education is effective as far as delaying sex among teens, but it didn’t say anything about prevention of pregnancy and STDs. Sex education shouldn’t be about preventing teenagers from having sex; it should be about preventing STDs and unwanted pregnancy.

  2. catgirl says:

    It’s great to hear that someone is bold enough to publicly state the obvious.

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