Podcast TWIPS: Episode Five (Dr. Christine Carter)

This Week in Parenting Science for Episode Five of Podcast Beyond Belief:

Dr. Christine Carter spent some time with us talking about her book “Raising Happiness: 10 Simple Steps for More Joyful Kids and Happier Parents“. Be sure to check out her soon-to-be revamped Raising Happiness blog (formerly “Half Full”)

This episode, we talked about…

Pregnant women and memory again?

Gender equality in math skills

Helpful dads  can inspire low self-esteem in their wives?

4 Responses to Podcast TWIPS: Episode Five (Dr. Christine Carter)

  1. MOM says:

    Haven’t heard the podcast yet, but plan to soon. The message on the video is excellent and one that we endlessly preach to our parents in early intervention. Play, ideally with others, is the most important thing a young child can do. Unfortunately, many parents would prefer to have their children occupied passively with TV/video and tell themselves their children are learning.

  2. spwoso says:

    Entering “TWIPS” into the iTunes podcast search yields “This Week in Pro Wrestling” and “This Week in Parasitology”. As appropriate as it might be to view parenting as “Wrestling with Parasites”, I suspect I’m in the wrong intertube. “This Week in Parenting” also comes up lemons. A little help? thx Sean

    • Ticktock says:

      TWIPS = This Week In Parenting Science, a segment on Podcast Beyond Belief. Sorry for the confusion. I’ll fix the posts so that this is clear.

  3. Lou Doench says:

    Actually… I’m glad spwoso pointed that out…I’ve been looking for a pro wrestling podcast.

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