Podcasts For Your Kids!

Looking for some cool podcasts to share with your kids? I’ve recently come across some science-based podcasts that are directed toward kids.

Dragonfly TV is a video podcast by PBS Kids that features short science reports from real kids learning about science.  Here’s one example of what they have to offer…

Our friend Mike Meraz at the Actually Speaking podcast inspired his son to produce his own podcast about dinosaurs. Each week, six year old Aaron brings you facts about his favorite dinosaurs and answers questions sent in by kids around the world. It’s a really cute podcast! Go check out Aaron’s World and download it for your kids today!

Also, They Might Be Giants has a video podcast for families that features videos from their recent albums.

I’m always looking for other podcasts to share with the kids. Know of any good ones?

3 Responses to Podcasts For Your Kids!

  1. kherbert says:

    I don’t have any off hand, but thanks for the post. I got a grant for my science/math classroom and 4 Ipods and 4 laptops are included

  2. kherbert says:

    Woops hit submit by accident. Podcasts, especially science and math ones are something I want to include in my lessons.

  3. Mike Meraz says:

    Thanks for the “Aaron’s World” mention. Science-based podcasts for kids are hard to find. I’m anxious to hear of any others.

    FYI, readers interested in Aaron’ World can check out his direct website at…


    Just updated it so it’s nice and spiffy!

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