Library Love

Most of the memories I have of my mother involve books and libraries.  Sunday memories include lying on my parent’s big bed reading the Sunday comics next to my mother who was reading her library book.  When we moved to a new Army post one of the first places we visited was the library, either on the post or the local town.

Going to the library has also become a part of my family now.  All the kids spent time at the library story hour, and one did an overnight sleep-in.  My daughter, the Linguist, would check out Japanese Anime DVDs and watch them in without dubbing with the English subtitles.  When she started taking Japanese in 7th grade she was already familiar with the sounds, rhythm and some words.  I presently have three books checked out.

But it is not all take, and no give.  We donate to the Library Foundation, and if you like your library you will consider making a donation.  It is not without reward, because when you donate you get a ticket to a Foundation Members preview to the twice yearly library sale, where most items are just a dollar!

So early Friday evening with my mp3 player loaded with NPR’s Science Friday, the Linguist and I went to the sale at a former Navy Air Base.  As you can tell, there are lots of people who get that special piece of paper to let them in the preview:

The line extended behind the hangar, and down to block next to the old Administration Building, where we were stared at (art groups and other non-profits now rent spaces in the buildings):

But at 6:30 the doors opened and we got in to check out books in stacks like this covering the floor of the old hangar:

Books, books and more books… as far as the eye could see.  The Linguist and I are veterans of this sale, so we went to our favorite spots and were done within an hour (dear hubby tried once, but he cannot handle the crowds, so he just checks out from the library or goes to a large local used book store).

Because we were done early, the Linguist requested a trip to the mall for new shoes.  She really did need new shoes, but she is very picky.  So off to the mall we went.  I let her shop while I sat in a comfy chair and listened to a discussion on the drilling being done to rescue the miners in Chile on the Science Friday podcast.  Fifteen dollars later and the cost of two pairs of boots later, and here is our haul (minus one of the pairs of boots):

Now can you guess which books are hers and which are mine?

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