Podcast Updates!

It is a busy busy time. Even though kids are off school there seems to be less time for anything. This morning we dragged MathMan from his apartment and made him deal with some financial issues, and The Linguist was awakened from her sleep sometime this afternoon. BigBoy actually took it upon himself to take the bus to the mall and spent the cash he got from his grandmother on video games (note to newcomers: BigBoy has some developmental issues, and this is a big step towards independence… hubby was very worried that BigBoy was not home until he saw him walking towards the front door with a big grin on his face!).

So I am a bit slow to publish something because I am actually reading a very long paper… so there!

So while you are all looking for after Christmas/New Year’s bargains load up your mp3 players with the most recent “Parenting Within Reason” podcasts. Trust me, they are all wonderful! Colin is great at interviewing, and Rob is a great pod producer (and trust me, both take lots of hard work).

Let me introduce a few in the past month or so:

Monty Harper’s album the “Songs from the Science Frontier”

This is the entire album on podcast. Do not miss it… and do buy the album for your kids and play it!

Let Your Geek Shine Through!… The new regular podcast host, Julie (who started the RationalMom blog), reveals ultimate geekhood with a tour of Skywalker Ranch. Awesome! Plus the first part of an interview with Ken Denmead, editor of Wired.com’s Geekdad blog.

That is followed by the continuation of that interview here, which includes book selections from Dale McGowan.

Whatever you do, always check for new podcasts, because they will always be interesting! One future podcast promises an interview with Evan Bernstein, one of the Skeptical Rogues from the Skeptics Guide to the Universe, which should already be on your mp3 playlist!

Edit: The Roundtable with Evan Bernstein is now available. Enjoy!


3 Responses to Podcast Updates!

  1. Is there any link to the books Dale mentioned? I listen to the podcast while working out and can’t easily make notes, but there were a couple I thought might be interesting.

  2. Chris says:

    Sorry, I forgot that the books were posted a while ago here, and should have linked to to that. Specifically on this podcast they were:
    Kids’ Book of Questions by Gregory Stock
    Alexander Fox and the Amazing Mind Reader by John C. Clayton
    Philosophy Rocks by Stephen Law
    How Whales Walked into the Sea by Faith McNulty
    In the Beginning by Virginia Hamilton
    Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White

  3. Alexander Fox and the Amazing Mind Reader by John C. Clayton

    That’s the one. Thanks!

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