It’s Official: Andrew Wakefield is a “Fraud”!

My Dad sent me a text message to say that ABC News was doing another expose on an autism doctor. Right away, I knew it was either a hit piece against Dr. Paul Offit or a fluff piece about the martyrized Andrew Wakefield.

I was right about one thing: the piece was about Andrew Wakefield. But for once, it seems like the media is starting to wake up to the idea that this guy Wakefield is not the most trustworthy tool in the tool shed. He’s just a tool, and not the kind that hangs from Handy Manny’s belt. The British Medical Journal has come right out and called Andrew Wakefield “a fraud” according to ABC News. Wow. The BMJ doesn’t mince words, does it?

Of course, we’ve been saying for years that Wakefield acted improperly. He was paid a heap of money by antivaccine trial lawyers just before he did his “research”, his study was only on 12 children, and his ethical integrity has repeatedly been called into question for other reasons by people such as journalist Brian Deer. There is no reason that anyone should give a hoot about his original published paper, which has been retracted by it’s co-authors and the journal that published it.

So why is this news? I’m not sure. But it’s one sweet victory in a long and tedious battle.

4 Responses to It’s Official: Andrew Wakefield is a “Fraud”!

  1. Andrew Hall says:

    You score points for referencing Handy Manny.

  2. Liz Ditz says:

    You can read the full press release and texts of the editorial and article at Press release from British Medical Journal.

  3. The wheels of justice (and science) grind slow, but fine.

  4. In other news, water is wet.

    I am glad it’s been stated so strongly and plainly. The sad thing is, many people are still clinging to conspiracy theories and the like. Sigh.

    I blogged about it yesterday, and worry that I was a little (OK, a lot) too harsh, if I’m wanting to convert people on the fence. But I don’t think so. I won’t convince any strong anti-vaxxers, but if being a jerk brings the truth to the attention of even one parent just trying do his or her best, it’s totally worth it.

    Yes, hooray for the win. Let’s hope it makes a difference.

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