This Week in Parenting Science 4/1/11

Alternative Treatments for Colic Don’t Work – Your baby is crying constantly, the pediatrician doesn’t have any answers, and you’re at the end of your rope. So, you reach for the phone and make an appointment for the chiropractor, get in your car and zoom off to find some “gripe water”, and seriously consider switching to soy formula. HOLD IT! A recent meta-analysis in the journal Pediatrics compiles multiple studies that all seem to show that colic can’t be cured by any popular folk remedy or alternative treatment. The best cure for colic is infinite patience.

Food Dyes and ADHD – Probably Not – I wrote an article on here several years back about ADHD. Someone from an organization representing the Feingold Diet tore me to shreds with a list of research that seemed to indicate a food dye origin to hyperactivity. It turns out that I’m not the only one who was skeptical of the supposed evidence, the FDA reviewed the research and most in the panel found the studies on the link between food dyes and ADHD to be lacking.  There doesn’t seem to be a clear definitive link between food dyes and ADHD, but the panel did say that they haven’t completely closed the book on the possibility of a link.

Paracetamol and Asthma Linked? – Take some caution in the news that a recent meta-analysis of several studies seems to show that paracetamol taken during pregnancy may be linked to the child having symptoms of wheezing as a baby. Further research needs to be done before we make any definitive correlation.

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5 Responses to This Week in Parenting Science 4/1/11

  1. So glad to hear there is NOT a link between dye and ADHD. There was just an article in the Strib this week about it and I thought, “Dang, something MORE to worry about.” Thanks for posting this.

  2. Julia says:

    I was under the impression that true ADHD was a physical disorder much like autism and it had more to do with genetics and brain chemistry than anything “external”.

    I’ve also heard of a lot of things that can mimic ADHD symptoms in young children such as lack of sleep coupled with poor nutrition and problems at home. I know one adult who was diagnosed with ADHD because of a severe inability to focus, then it turned out her diagnosis was changed to PTSD.

  3. The dye question is so old I simply can’t believe it is still kicking around. Dye didn’t cause ADHD when I was diagnosed at 9 and it isn’t causing it now.

  4. RE: Colic – patience is a virtue, but time is the only healer on that one. Colic winds down between 3-4 months.

  5. Cait says:


    re: Colic I’m not sure about folk remedies but my daughter had the requisite ’100 days crying’, whereas my son started his colic symptoms and I fed him 1 gram of non-lactic pro-biotic powder in my expressed milk once a day. His colic lasted one week.

    It is of course possible to say that this was a coincidence, but there is logic behind the treatment. Born with no gut flora, you furnish them with… gut flora. Five years later he seemed to suffer no ill effects.

    Apologies for the ‘having swallowed some kind of cod-science nonsense’ but, er.. worked for me (or him). At least it wasn’t Homeopathy!

    (On this note actually, it was through feeding my poor beloved daughter a Dill based goo for her colic that I I saw first hand that babies are born with ‘Disgust’. That poor girl’s face! Never again…

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