The Rocket Boys of the National Institutes of Health

You have probably heard of the Rocket Boys of October Sky, which is a great movie for upper elementary and middle school kids. But did you know that the National Institutes of Health, NIH, also had their own Rocket Boys?

I confess I am a podcast junky. I enjoy listening to spoken voice content when I garden, shop or do chores or go on walks. One of the podcasts I enjoy for both its educational content and bad puns is This Week in Virology.

Today I listened to the latest episode. While much of the discussion on how they found canine hepacivirus went over my head, the “Weekly Picks” were all gems. Especially when it came to the NIH Rocket Boys.

It is a true story about two boys trying to build rockets. When they ran out of money one of them asked his father, a medical researcher, how he got money, and the reply was “the NIH.” I shall not give away more of the story. You can go to the above website to download the book appropriate at the 4th/5th grade level, or watch this video (one boy has cerebral palsy):

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