Podcast #48: TAM 9 and Michael Shermer

The latest Parenting Within Reason podcast can be downloaded here.

In the first part Colin has a conversation with Michael Blanford, JREF’s Director of Educational Programs, about the upcoming TAM 9 From Outer Space. Several of us connected to this website and the podcast will be attending, including myself.

Then Adam Slagell has a conversation with Michael Shermer, author and the founding publisher of Skeptic Magazine. It is a friendly conversation that touches on lots of subjects including parenting, cycling, books and more midst of what sounds like a busy restaurant.

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3 Responses to Podcast #48: TAM 9 and Michael Shermer

  1. Adam Slagell says:

    Sorry about the noise, but it worked pretty well considering I had no microphone. I just set the iPhone on the table and let it record.

    • Chris says:

      I thought it made it more casual and authentic!

      I keep wondering if I can record something using my mp3 players “record” feature. But I don’t think I’ll compete with all of the other folks at TAM.

  2. I was wondering if the interview took place in the hotel kitchen :)

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