I Walk the Talk


A couple of weeks ago I went in for my annual medical appointment. We went through the whole routine, and I showed my family doctor my very scratched up arm from pruning the porch-eating rose. I asked if I could get the Tdap since I am a gardener. He looked at my chart, saw I got the vaccine in 2005 and said I was good for another four years.


Then I went on a little trip:

I had to go to Vegas to get the Tdap!

There was a vaccine clinic at The Amazing Meeting, and almost 300 people got vaccinated! Thank to the efforts of Women Thinking Free Foundation and the very busy and kind folks from the Southern Nevada Health District.

Now, like my kids, I have been caught up with Tdap. We are doing our part to decrease the chance of pertussis transmission to others, like my neighbor’s young baby. And it really did not hurt, so if you have not had the Tdap: go to your local clinic or pharmacy and get vaccinated.

Now I have to go out and continue to tame that porch eating rose bush.


4 Responses to I Walk the Talk

  1. Jen says:

    Yeah! and thank you. in 2009 I got my tetanus shot, That year my then kindergartener, who hadn’t finished her vaccine series, got pertussis (from exposure to another child, who due to medical reasons couldn’t get the dTap vaccine). I was very thankful no one else in the family got it. When I asked the doctor turns out I had gotten the dTap vaccine. I insisted DH get it and I need to doublecheck the rest of the kids. I think the oldest is due for a booster.

  2. Julia says:

    Did you tell your doctor that you wanted to get the TDap not for Tetanus but for Pertussis? According to the Mayo Clinic it is safe to get two Tetanus shots twice within 10 years and at least for me last time I had one it wasn’t combined with Diptheria or Pertussis. When my daughter was a baby I got the TDap not for tetanus but for Pertussis and the doctor didn’t think twice about two tetanus shots within ten years.

  3. Ticktock says:

    I’m not sure I understand. Why did you go against your doctor’s recommendation and get an unnecessary TDap booster? I know it’s cool to get that “hug me” sticker and everything, but damn girl — I know Elyse Anders would’ve hooked you up.

    • Chris says:

      2005 was before the Tdap was approved for adults. I only have had the Td, no pertussis element. If you are more than three years away it is perfectly okay to get a booster.

      I should add he is a stickler for following the rules, it took me a couple of years to get the Tdap for my oldest since he was over eighteen. But he got it.

      He also may be rationing his clinic’s supplies. He recommended that I should get the shingles vaccine, but they ran out. He told me to get one at the pharmacy. If I had not gotten one at TAM, I would have added the Tdap to the shingles vaccine I will be getting soon.

      I should also add that when there was a an outbreak of measles at a local private school years ago, my doctor was more than glad to give my younger kids their second MMR. This was just as the recommendation for the second MMR age was lowered from age eleven to four years old (they were five and nine years old).

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