Two New Sites: Autism and Humanism

Not happy with Jenny McCarthy’s wild west of autism woo where every alternative treatment is given more credence than scientific research (as long as it comes with an emotional anecdote)? Want a better resource that untangles all the latest science-based autism research? Of course you do. Check out the new and improved web site for the Autism Science Foundation.

Are you a parent who is looking for ways to guide your humanist family? Do you want to become involved in a secular network that puts the values of freethought as a priority? Of course you do. Check out the new Humanist Family page that has been created just for you at Foundation Beyond Belief.

6 Responses to Two New Sites: Autism and Humanism

  1. The Autism Science Foundation’s founder is Alison Singer, who used to work for Autism Speaks. I’m sorry, but it appears that while the woo has been removed, she still employs the same damaging pity-baiting and disablist rhetoric which makes Autism Speaks the worst enemy of autistic people. In a film for Autism Speaks, she even talked about seriously contemplating killing her autistic child by driving her car, with her daughter inside, off a bridge. That is not someone I would trust, as an autistic person, to be leading an organization devoted to autism research.
    The Autistic Self Advocacy Network and other charities run by actual autistic people are the ones that should be getting money and support from people who want to know about autism, rather than continuing to empower charities which do not take the disability credo “Nothing about us without us” seriously.

    • Chris says:

      So what does Autism Speaks and Ms. Singer’s former opinions have to do with the science of the Autism Science Foundation?

      Sometimes we don’t like certain people on a personal level, but that does not mean they cannot do good science. While advocacy is a separate issue from the science, the Autism Self Advocacy Network should propose members to the ASF’s Scientific Advisory Board. That would be a more productive way to achieve a goal than complaining about one person’s past behaviors.

      • Sunshine says:

        They aren’t former opinions and it DOES matter what she thinks of autistic people and their worth if she is going to run a scientific foundation devoted to autism research. Nobody would EVER consider it didn’t matter if a skinhead who has previously PUBLICLY talked about killing people of African descent started an “African American Scientific Studies Foundation.” And you would be considered a bigoted jerk if your response to an African American expressing concern about the intentions of a white supremacist was “Instead of complainging about it, be a little more productive.”

      • Chris says:

        Then apply to be on the board.

      • Chris says:

        Interesting comparison, which brings up this point: people change.

    • OldSquidRN says:

      Argumentum ad Hominem fallacy

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