Library Love

September 28, 2010

Most of the memories I have of my mother involve books and libraries.  Sunday memories include lying on my parent’s big bed reading the Sunday comics next to my mother who was reading her library book.  When we moved to a new Army post one of the first places we visited was the library, either on the post or the local town.

Going to the library has also become a part of my family now.  All the kids spent time at the library story hour, and one did an overnight sleep-in.  My daughter, the Linguist, would check out Japanese Anime DVDs and watch them in without dubbing with the English subtitles.  When she started taking Japanese in 7th grade she was already familiar with the sounds, rhythm and some words.  I presently have three books checked out.

But it is not all take, and no give.  We donate to the Library Foundation, and if you like your library you will consider making a donation.  It is not without reward, because when you donate you get a ticket to a Foundation Members preview to the twice yearly library sale, where most items are just a dollar!
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Foundation Beyond Belief Launches Today

January 1, 2010

Dear Readers,

I’m trying to spread the word about this new Secular Humanist charity organization, Foundation Beyond Belief, which launches today. quarter, Foundation Beyond Belief will select nine deserving charities in nine different categories: Environment, Health, Peace, Child Welfare, Animal Protection, Education, Human Rights,  The “Big Bang”, and Poverty. You can partition your monthly donation in any way you wish so that your money helps the categories you care about the most; there’s also a tenth charity – the foundation itself.

Foundation Beyond Belief is a non-profit that was established by Dale McGowan (author of Parenting Beyond Belief and Raising Freethinkers – see previous posts) to represent non-believers: agnostics, atheists, and secular humanists. As you know, churches are good at raising money for charity, but they often proselytize under the banner of heaven. Foundation Beyond Belief will never purposefully choose an organization that proselytizes.

Atheists humbly make donations and quietly volunteer, but our low profile gives our spiritual counterparts an excuse to criticize our assumed lack of philanthropy. Nonbelievers don’t need to prove anything to anyone, so this isn’t about thumping our chest. We can still maintain our humbleness and dignity by quietly donating, but I purposefully want to advocate for this charity because it’s success will remind the world that Secular Humanists, as a collective, are caring, kind, and giving. It’s also a statement of our values – the nine categories align with just about everything most of us stand for. Secular Humanists are good people. We may not believe in god, but most of us believe in humanity, ethics, world peace, equality, global health, and kindness.

I don’t work for this charity. I just want to get the word out. Please forward this to any of your friends and family, who might appreciate the message. I believe it’s crucial to spread the word about Foundation Beyond Belief because many nonbelievers keep their lack of faith on the down-low; there’s not a church of atheism where this message can be disseminated.

Foundation Beyond Belief is also attempting to bring together Secular Humanist parents by creating community groups. We may not have a church, but that shouldn’t stop us from assembling and being social. You can sign up to be a community leader – positions remain open.

I guess that’s enough promotion for one post. Have a happy New Year!!!

Your Friendly Neighborhood Blogger,


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