Podcast TWIPS: Episodes 18, 19, and 20

July 12, 2010

Here are some links for the three latest episodes of Podcast Beyond Belief

On episode 18, we spoke to filmmakers Ashley and Jason Henley, who are producing a documentary about raising kids without religion.

Check out this clip from “Skipping Sunday School“…

Also on our regular segment “This Week in Parenting Science”, we spoke about these subjects…
* Doctors “freeze” a baby (to 92°F) to allow them to complete heart surgery
* 2-year old girls are having their clitoris shortened by a doctor
* Questions about too much exposure to medical radiation
* The name chosen for a child can affect their outlook later in life

Episode 19 featured an interview with Lenore Skenazy, who coined the phrase “Free Range Kids” and wrote a book and blog of the same name.

Here’s a promo video for Free Range Kids, featuring Ms. Skenazy’s brand of common sense parenting…

We also talked about these news items in our regular segment “This Week in Parenting Science”…
* Pertussis returns in California – five babies have died
* Computers in under-priveliged homes may actually be lowering grades
* College course allows students to make their own electric guitars

And finally, Episode 20 featured an interview with Yes Mag editor, Jude Isabella.

She wrote the science-based children’s books… Hoaxed: Fakes and Mistakes in the World of Science, Science Detectives: How Scientists Solved Six Real Life Mysteries, Feats and Failures, and The International Space Station!

We also spoke about these topics on “This Week in Parenting Science”…

* Starting school later improves students’ grades
* Structural difference found in the dyslexic brain


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