I Was an Army Brat, and I’m Okay!

May 17, 2011

This past week I have been told (yes, told!) that my childhood was very stressful because my father was an Army officer. Seriously, I did not start out a conversation stating I was an Army brat, one was just a chat about a plant at a garden sale and I was asked if I had grown up where it grew wild, and I had to explain that I grew up in lots of places. Then it was a chat about high schools with the woman cutting my daughter’s hair when I was asked where I went to high school (I went to two). That is when I was told that I have been damaged by moving around every couple of years, attending several schools and having my father leave for a year at a time. Twice. Sigh.

I was a bit confused why this “revelation” was being relayed to me until I discovered that a bit a week ago there was a Military Spouse Day, and it was on NPR. It seems the lady at the plant sale only heard the bad parts of the story, and missed the bits about the support systems. Read the rest of this entry »

In Good Company

October 13, 2008

I’m fired up and ready to go.

This past Thursday I attended an Obama rally.  It was cool, but not the electrifying experience that I was hoping for.  It certainly wasn’t the type of foaming-at-the-mouth feeding frenzy that has occured at recent McPalin rallies.  At obama’s rally, nobody called for the opponent’s death, nobody accused the opponent of terrorism or socialism, nobody yelled expletives at the pro-life advocate waving a sign that said “Obama murders new born babies”.

The rally was honestly just a mix of races and ages, all who were friendly and respectful.

One good thing that happened at the rally was that they took my information and my neighborhood, and my regional organizer called me later to ask me to volunteer.  And I did.

I was so glad that I stepped up to the plate.  I was a Green Party non-voter in 2000, I reluctantly voted for Kerry in 2004 (though I disapproved of his connections to corporations), and now I’m bound and determined to prevent another old white republican with lobbyist connections into the white house.  Volunteering for Obama was pretty fun.  Yes, there were people who pointed to their “private property” signs, people who wanted to argue about how McCain is a POW, and many many people who were not home (or didn’t answer), but there were also those rare moments where I got to connect with an undecided voter.

A bald white guy with tattoos and pitbulls turned out to be an undecided.  We had a decent conversation, and I was able to give him some info about Obama.  Two ladies stopped me to talk about Obama, and I gave them some info on early voting.  Minor victories.

Don’t worry about having to argue with conservatives when you canvass.  The Obama campaign doesn’t want volunteers to engage in that nastiness.  They just want to be able to get their information out to undecideds, who may be wondering if Obama “pals around” with terrorists or if he is a muslim.  I found canvassing to be rewarding, and I encourage everyone to give it a try.  Now, more than ever, we owe it to ourselves to elect an intelligent and kind leader as president of America.

Oh, and someone else canvassed for Obama yesterday…. Barack Obama himself.  So, if you canvass for the man, at least you’ll know you’re in good company.

Vote Obama!  Vote early!

Muslim Smear Still Fooling Ohio Voters!

October 1, 2008

I just became a statistic today.  I’m one of many progressive liberals to hear the Obama-is-a-Muslim slander that the Rovian hoarde have so shamelessly planted into the fertile imaginations of Bible Belt America.

My neighbor told me that she was “all for Obama until the ‘Muslim’ thing”.  Come on, Grandma!  Do you buy swiftboats wholesale at Sam’s or something?

Barack Obama has been campaigning for months now with more than half the population supporting him, he has spoken eloquently about racism, patriotism, religion, the economy, etc., and yet there are still people who believe that he is a secret muslim.  Unbelievable!

Seriously, you would have thought that this stuff would’ve ended with the Reverend Wright fiasco that painted Obama as a radical Christian.  How can anyone still think he is a muslim after he attended a Christian church for 20 years?  And I’m sad that this even needs to be said, but why should anyone care if he is a muslim or not?  Why should it matter which crazy religion he worships?  I mean, if you’re going to make your vote based on a bigoted viewpoint, at least have the nerve to investigate the slander past the e-mail you were forwarded three months ago.  Or at least own up and admit that you hate black people instead of hiding behind the religious bigotry that is so acceptable here in the heartland.

And now this sketchy anti-terrorist DVD called “Obsession” has been pumped into the homes of swing state voters.  I just received mine today.  Do these people really think we’ve forgotten to hate Al Qaeda?  Where did they get all their funding to send out millions of copies of their DVD, and why are they singling out swing states?  And is it any coincidence that babies and toddlers at a Dayton mosque were sabotaged with a chemical gas attack the day after Obsession was distributed in local papers?  I’m sure that the saboteur is some idiot lazyboy Nascar butt picker who is hypnotized by the voice of Sean Hannity, some moron who watched that free DVD and decided to get off his ass and bomb a mosque.

I’m embarassed to live in this state, this quintessence of America.   Ohio, you suck.

Palin Admits to Bristol’s Pregnancy… not to Rumors

September 1, 2008

In a stunning twist of events, Sarah Palin has come forward to announce that her 17 year old daughter Bristol is actually five months pregnant.

What a huge coincidence!

The gossip hit full steam yesterday that Bristol was the actual Mom of Sarah Palin’s four month old child Trig Paxton Van Palin.  When in actuality, it appears that Bristol IS pregnant with her own child.  Damn.  That would have made for an excellent scandal if the rumors had been proven true.  It turns out that today’s news is not nearly as scandalous as the potential news of a VP candidate faking a pregnancy while she was a sitting governor.

How fortunate!

The McCain campaign made sure to trash liberal blogs for dredging up the story, though Daily Kos, to whom I linked in my last post, never supported the anonymous diary entry and never linked to it on their main page.  The scandal of having to address liberal mud slinging and slander has allowed the Republicans some wiggle room to evade the potential scandals that would have come from family values voters.  By pointing to the anonymous “smears”, they are escaping the embarrassment that comes from a conservative VP Mom having an underage teen pregnant and ready for a shotgun wedding.

Whew!  Lucky them!

With all this attention on the weekend’s rumors, I’m wondering whether the press will focus on the one unsettling fact from Pregnancy-Gate that might disturb any voter.  How is it that Sarah Palin felt comfortable giving a speech, flying home eight hours (or more) to Alaska, and driving to a rural hospital when she was eight months pregnant with a special needs child and leaking amniotic fluid the entire time?  Do you think that the Mainstream Media will pick up on that aspect of the gossip?

What are the odds?

Sarah Palin: Vetted Via Conspiracy Theory?

August 31, 2008

I’m no fan of conspiracy theories.

Too many times these illogical theories are deceptively cloaked by truther cranks as “just asking questions” even when they are actually answering the questions using the flimsiest of evidence.

A new scandalous theory is emerging on the political landscape today that is destined to be ripped wide open by the media and factually explained by skeptics smarter than myself.  The theory is that McCain’s VP pick Gov. Sarah Palin faked a pregnancy and birth for her son Trig, who was born with Down’s Syndrome four months ago.  To elaborate, she faked her pregnancy to cover for her knocked up teenage daughter Bristol; the child, according to those gossiping, is actually Palin’s grandchild.

As noted in my last post, I’m no fan of Palin’s opinions, so it would personally make me happy to see her go down in flames.  But, it can’t be said enough, that extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.

Admittedly, it’s hard to accept that a sitting governor would fake a pregnancy, so I would say that skepticism should be applied here.  However, this is technically neither a conspiracy, nor is it an entirely unbelievable claim.  Just to put this into perspective, fundamentalist 9/11 “truthers” believe that a sitting president sacrificed thousands of innocent lives in an elaborately staged atrocity.  Those who are conjecturing Sarah Palin faked Trig’s pregnancy are saying that a high-profile conservative politician protected her political reputation by covering up the hypocrisy and embarassment of her underage child’s irresponsible pregnancy.  If this is a conspiracy theory, and I’m not sure that it is, it’s a low stakes conspiracy at best – nobody is accusing Palin of being a megalomaniacal villain.

This sort of thing is not uncommon.  Even my wife’s grandfather was raised thinking that his mother was his sister.  Granted, he was born in rural Kentucky during the 1920s, but we’re talking about a hockey-mom governor from rural Alaska who believes in creationism and has based her political career on conservative values.  I think we have a valid motive in this instance.

Moving on.  There is debate as to whether this sort of accusation is unfair to the teenage child Bristol or to Govenor Palin.  I think that’s a valid argument.  This sort of accusation belongs in the tabloids and on the web sites of paranoid cranks.  I’m covering it here to talk about the conspiracy, and whether the idea is based on crap or facts.  You’ll see that, unlike some web sites, my post’s title includes a question mark.

I’ve made it this far without delving into the details, which may well be debunked by someone with access to all the facts.  Sarah Palin waited until she was seven months pregnant to announce that she was expecting.  The news came as a shock to everyone – several staffers commented that she didn’t seem pregnant.  A month later she was to give a speech on energy policy at the Republican Governor’s Convention in Texas when she started leaking amniotic fluid.  Instead of seeking medical attention, she gave her speech, got on a plane to Alaska, had a layover in Seattle, and arrived home eight hours later.  Instead of giving birth at the nearest hospital to the airport, she drove 45 minutes to Mat-Su Regional Medical Center.  On the face of it, if all that is true (and it seems to be) then she and her doctor put her unborn special needs child in a great amount of danger.

The above paragraph are the facts (as I understand them) in this “conspiracy theory” that I think hold water.  It should be added that during the pregnancy, Palin’s oldest daughter was pulled out of school for 5-8 months because she had mono.  I have yet to see anybody contradict that fact, either.  Now here are the facts that could be false…

First, if you look at the photos of Sarah in the two months prior to the birth, she doesn’t look pregnant.  However, in all of those pictures she is wearing a business jacket that could cover the bump.  That’s a pretty small bump for someone who is five+ months pregnant.

Second, the state of Alaska’s web site has been scrubbing the locations of Sarah’s pictures during the time of pregnancy.  Now this can simply be because they want to avoid an untrue scandal based on insinuation, or for other reasons unknown that aren’t malicious.

Third, there are reports that Bristol’s friends thought she was pregnant during the mono phase.  I haven’t found any confirmation of that yet.

Fourth, there are rumors that there were no pregnancy announcements at the hospital where Trig was born on his birthdate.  Perhaps those investigating have the wrong date or the governor asked that the birth not be announced.

I’m not going to post comparative pictures here because I believe that to do such a thing would be hurtful to Bristol, and I wouldn’t want anyone doing that to Sasha or Malia Obama some day.  If you want the whole conspiracy with pictures, video, and everything (besides actual hard evidence)… go to Daily Kos.  Come back and tell me what you think?

I want to make it crystal clear that I am not supporting this speculation.  I am saying that it’s a believable conspiracy that may or may not be true.  As always, I’m eager to debunk this conspiracy and am waiting for more evidence to do so.

*UPDATE* 9/1/08 – Sarah Palin debunked this luke warm conspiracy theory today by admitting that her underage daughter Bristol is pregnant.  She denies the rumors that her son Trig was Bristol’s because that would be nearly impossible.

Conspiracy Thinking in Hillary Acolytes

June 27, 2008


I’ve dipped my feet into politics on this blog only a few times, so please forgive me for wading in a bit further.  This time, the content is slightly skeptical in nature.  I’ve been noticing a disturbing trend on some of the pro Hillary Clinton blogs that I’ve stumbled upon. 

A small but vocal group of scorned Hillary voters have morphed into irrational conspiracy theorists in the midst of their post-primary heartbreak.  They’ve banded together in a special group called PUMA (party unity my ass), and they bond over their mutual feelings of political loss and conspiratorial blame.  They mock Obama supporters as Obamabots, Obamazombies, Kool Aid Drinkers, etc.  They condemn Obama, whom they sarcastically call an “anointed savior”, for any comment that he makes on any subject at all, and yet they ignore his most appealing qualities and his progressive stances on a variety of issues important to liberal women. 

But worst of all, they collectively depict Obama as an evil mastermind, corrupted by Chicago politics, and bent on railroading the election process in his favor.  Anyone who genuinely likes Obama is compared to a sheep, robot or zombie, and any media figure who defends him is part of a vast sexist conspiracy.  They hypocritically accuse Obama’s supporters of drinking Kool Aid, while they stubbornly betray the principles of their beloved candidate by pledging votes to Hillary’s political opposite, John McCain.

Listed below are quotes from visitors to The Confluence blog, a pro-Hillary web site that blocks dissenting comments.  These Hillary acolytes have become the very things that they detest:  arrogant and stubborn supporters of a candidate whom they zealously idolize as God’s gift to politics.  They are so deep into their obsessions that they’re listing toward a delusional paranoid mindset where everyone is against them and they are the victims of a vast sexist conspiracy orchestrated by Obama, the DNC, the media, and anyone else who didn’t vote for Clinton.

I’ve listed a few traits of conspiracy theorists below, and then I went quote mining in the Confluence comment section to find matches to the traits.  These quotes are part of larger quotes, but I did not change their contextual meaning.  These are also a fair sample of the tone over at PUMA HQ and consistent with many other comments on there that I skipped. 


Imagining a vast conspiracy pulling all the strings

I have never bought into any conspiracy theories, ever. But there is always a first time.

…the primary election was somehow rigged from the beginning to support a no nothing candidate against one who had it all.  I kept thinking the fix was in back in February but I really became a believer on May 31st. Wholesale rigging.

The Democrat party hand picked Obama and rigged this election. This isn’t just about Hillary losing, its the tactics and methods used by the Obama campaign and the DNC.

Our votes were stolen at the RBC, the election caucus system was rigged, and the LIES & HATE & PANDERING is unbearable.

That’s what’s so bad about this. The fraud perpetrated on the states and their voters is breathtaking in scope.

The reason these people of note are falling over themselves for Bambie has little to do with Bambie and everything to do with the fact he is backed by the those in the highest places .

This is a complete and total farce, just like the supposed democratic primary. No wonder we didn’t do anything about the results in ‘00 and ‘04, the DNC was just pissed they didn’t get to do it first.

Invoking the evil conspiracy when facts don’t match their worldview

I can’t believe that the polls we’re seeing regarding a substantial lead by O are correct…think something’s fishy there.

And why is it the nasty Obamabots are all young kids its like Hitler Youth out here…

I think a lot of the recent polls are skewed to make him look good in hopes of bringing all democrats together

I predict the amount of voter fraud in November will be astronomical and unproven. Isolated cases will be reported but no one will do anything….Who will prevent people from voting multiple times in precincts where Obama’s supporters are in charge and all employees are Obama supporters.

Depicting themselves as a wise group smarter than the majority

I cannot believe that people buy into this nonsense. What a shameless act by a man who would be king… Wake up America.

If we are are right about Obama being “in the bag” for months, it will come out.

They figured they were doing it subtly enough to get away with it — they didn’t bet on a bunch of old ladies smelling what they were up to and figuring it all out.

Seeing themselves as misunderstood victims

Why do they keep insisting that we’re pissed just because a woman wasn’t nominated? We’re pissed that the far and away superior candidate was denied the nomination because of gender.

Y’know I’ve got to say that I’m at the point where I don’t care who stood by whom and for how long anymore–no one’s standing by us! As long as we continue to be insulted, nobody gets a free pass.

Remember this post when you feel down – are you going to give in to “learned helplessness” and stay in the corner, or are you going to fight? You’re not a lab rat, you are a friggin PUMA!

Seeing others as close-minded blind sheep

I know we have used it as a joke many times, but I am starting to wonder if they really have drugged the damn kool aid.

How are the Obamabots any better? I think they’re worse and their use of physical threats reminds me of the brown shirts in Nazi Germany.

Assigning evil traits to the accused conspirators

He sounds like a pimp. Go on, call me racist. Make my day.

and, knowing the obamazoids, make sure someone stays behind at the rest area to guard the cars. half of ‘em probably already have stuff on their police records like trashing mailboxes and vandalizing schools.

I’ve said many times that Obamanation reminds me of a bunch of domestic abusers.

Angry, threatening, belittling and even stalking. But then when we leave they start talking about the kids, er . . . party unity.

many stories of nasty obots forcing unity down our throats….

Widening the number of conspirators to justify inconsistencies

that loser fanboy, Keith Olbermann. OMG, do his bosses know he spends so much time trying to get approval from a bunch of Obama fans?

Is there a kool aid free investigated reporter anywhere in America….HUH?

Inventing crap that didn’t happen and/or hunting for meaningless anomalies

Has there ever been a final report about the origin of what was reported as a suspicious fire? I may be off base but I wonder with the zealotrey surrounding Obama if some of his followers had something to do with it.

If the man who called me a racist because I thought he was unready…

There is a photo that Obama’s camp flashed around with Obama in the middle and his white grandparents on either side of him sitting on a bench. I am certain that picture is also a fake. Its a composite where they have merge together images from other pictures into one.

He is using the tools which will get him and keep him in power at which point everything will change to a soviet style government.


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