Throughout the country, alternative school programs have been used to help students succeed in school and in life. Some of the programs include Project RETURN, iMPACt, and the Tidewater Regional Alternative Educational Program.

Project RETURN

Whether or not your kids make the grade in the classroom, an alternative school may be just what the doctor ordered. This type of school offers an educational environment conducive to acculturation and acquity. Depending on your budget, your options may include a charter school or a private school. It is also a great way to stay on track academically. In fact, some districts are considering converting a portion of their student body into an alternative school. Fortunately, there are plenty of programs to choose from. Among the most popular are those operated by Greenville County Schools, the largest school in South Carolina.

One of the most common problems facing many districts is that of academic engagement. In an effort to refocus academically underserved student bodies, the county implemented a series of alternative school programs in the spring of 2007. The result is a plethora of educational options for those looking for something a bit different than the usual suspects.

Tidewater Regional Alternative Educational Program

TRAEP is a program of the Virginia Department of Education that combines academic and behavioral instruction. The curriculum is aligned with Virginia Standards of Learning and includes credit-bearing classes, literacy remediation, and GED instruction. The program also emphasizes behavior modification, student success, and enhanced decision-making skills.

Students in TRAEP are referred to the program by Norfolk Public Schools after a suspension or expulsion. The program provides students with a second chance to succeed. They must demonstrate their ability to perform in a regular academic setting. In addition, they must show they can act appropriately in social settings. Students who cannot succeed may be recommended for long-term suspension or expulsion.

The Tidewater Regional Alternative Education Program (TRAEP) is a regional alternative education program that serves students in grades 6-12. The program is a cooperative effort with five other school divisions. In addition to serving students, the program provides support for parents and professionals who work with the students. It also has an extensive partnership with community-based organizations.

The program may address issues such as behaviour, depression, substance abuse, or truancy. It may also address academic challenges, such as learning disabilities, anxiety, or depression. It may provide a safe and supportive learning environment, allowing students to reach graduation requirements and succeed in college. The program may also provide social and emotional support, such as counseling, internships, or community-based learning.

Each program uses different instructional methods to target these problems. The ultimate goal for students served in programs is to transition into the world of work. The programs are based on Virginia Standards of Learning, and students are encouraged to improve their academic performance.

One alternative program targets character education, with emphasis on social skills and conflict resolution. Another program targets study skills, with emphasis on math and writing.

Both programs have low student to teacher ratios. Students in alternative programs will have access to individual instruction, as well as counseling services. The curriculum reflects Virginia’s Standards of Learning, and students will work on skills such as literacy, social skills, and behavior modification.

The alternative learning programs at the Southeastern Alternative School and the Wythe County Technology Center are designed to address behavioral issues and social problems, while also offering a non-traditional academic curriculum. Students in these programs will receive credit-bearing courses, as well as GED instruction. They will also receive daily social skills training.

Do a thorough research to find the top alternative school programs in the country before making your decision.

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